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        Visiting Page:home/  Floating Dredging pipe >> DN350 UHMWPE Floating Pipe In Singapore
        DN350 UHMWPE Floating Pipe In Singapore

        DN350 UHMWPE floating pipe In Singapore

        Item Specifications:
        Product name UHMWPE floating pipe
        Application Sand/slurry dredging
        Connection  Steel flange
        Inner diameter 350mm

        Item Specifications:
        Product name Pipe Float
        Application Sand/slurry dredging
        Dimension  I.D390mm  Length:1.0m 
        Color Orange

        Item Specifications:
        Product name Rubber hose
        Application: Sand/slurry dredging project
        Dimension  I.d350MM
        Working pressure: 1.0Mpa

        UHMWPE floating pipe

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