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        The Wear Resistance of UHMWPE pipes vs Steel Pipes
        Posted By: Administrator  Post Time:2019/12/4  Read:652Times

        The Wear Resistance of UHMWPE floating pipes vs Steel Pipes

        30% silicon dioxide washout tests to the UHMWPE floating pipe sample and steel pipes sample with same volume at the same time:

        Here is the Volume abrasion loss data:

        45# steel: 25

        Casting steel pipes: 15

        UHMWPE pipe: 6

        We can see that the wear resistance of UHMWPE floating pipe is 4 times than steel pipes

        For more details please refer to "attributes of uhmwpe floating pipes“ or feel free to contact cocoyuan@buoyandpipe.com

        Wish to hear from you soon. 

        Best regards!

        Coco Yuan

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