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        Attributes of UHMWPE Floating Pipes

        Attributes of UHMWPE floating pipes

        The introduction on the raw material of the UHMWPE floating pipe: 

        UHMWPE by virtue of its extremely high molecular weight yields several unique properties, including the highest abrasion resistance and highest impact strength of any plastic. Beware of competitive products claiming to be UHMWPE as some techniques for processability of UHMWPE are not without an attendant disadvantage since effective amounts of intermediate molecular weight polyethylene causes a marked decrease in some of the most desirable properties of the UHMWPE, such as impact strength and abrasion resistance. The high molecular weight is what gives UHMW-PE a unique combination of high impact strength, low coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance that outwears carbon steel 10 to 1 making it more suitable for many applications where lower molecular weight grades fail. UHMWPE pipes can be used in a broad range of mining and industrial slurry and floating dredging applications due to its three main characteristics: high impact strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) is a tough, abrasion-resistant thermoplastic with a molecular weight of greater than 3 million. UHMWPE pipes have reduced coefficient of friction, improved abrasion resistance, lower wear rates over conventional HDPE pipes such as PE100.

        The production of the UHMWPE floating pipe:

        The UHMWPE pipes are continually extruded by special extruders and moulds. Here is the brief introduction of

        UHMWPE pipe production:

        1. The UHMWPE powder will be melted together with a small amount of paraffin, carbon black in high temperature

        2. Different pipes with different diameter and wall thickness will need to make different moulds.

        3. the length of the UHMWPE pipes could be cut according to customers requirements

        4. The color of UHMWPE pipes is the original color of the raw material, and it is specially processed during production.

        Production Flow of UHMWPE floating pipe

        Abrasion resistance – UHMWPE floating pipes have excellent abrasion resistance providing long life in abrasive slurry applications. UHMWPE floating pipes' wear resistant ability is 3~4 times of HDPE pipe and 6~7 times of steel pipe.

        Chemical resistance – outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents allows the use of UHMWPE systems in tailings pipelines and chemical treatment applications used in mining and dredging operations.

        Flexibility – UHMWPE floating pipes can be bent to a minimum of 30 times the pipe’s outside diameter for HDPE. This flexibility and resiliency allows the floating pipe to absorb surge pressures, vibration and stresses caused by soil movement. This makes the pipes particularly useful in submarine pipe lines, mine subsidence and earthquake prone areas.

        High flow capacity – low friction compared with materials such as fibre reinforced cement and resistance to material deposit buildup give UHMWPE floating pipes long lived high flow capacity.

        Lower pumping cost due to greater hydraulic capacity as compared with steel and HDPE pipes.

        Ease of installation – UHMWPE floating pipes is easy to install with light weights and flanged couplings.

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