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        UHMWPE large diameter floating dredging pipe

        UHMWPE large diameter floating pipe

        The UHMWPE large diameter floating pipe is very hard to be extruded out because of the high viscosity-average molecular weight of the raw material-ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

        Shandong Buoy&Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd(SDBEP), as a professional manufacturer of UHMW-PE pipes for 10 years around, has been working very hard on the research of the property of UHMWPE and its production development. Now SDBEP is the only one company which can produce the UHMWPE floating pipe in a diameter larger than 1000 mm both in China and around the world. 

        UHMWPE large diameter <a href='http://www.dhj358y.buzz/floatingdredgingpipe.asp' target='_blank' style='color:#0000FF; text-decoration:underline;'>floating dredging pipe</a>

        With the large diameter, UHMWPE floating pipe is widely applied in water transmission field.

        UHMWPE floating pipe has the following advantages in water transmission :

        1.No Leakage

        The traditional water supply and drainage pipelines like PCCP pipes, steel pipes, FRP pipes are connected by socket welding and sealed with rubber washers which results in serious leakage with an average leakage rate of 15~30%. Correspondingly, it increased energy consumption and maintenance cost. UHMWPE pipe with its extraordinary performance successfully solved this problem and is a great revolution for water supply and drainage projects.  

        2. Low Energy Consumption

        Friction resistance coefficient of UHMWPE pipes is 0.009 while that of steel pipe is 0.013 and that of cement pipe is 0.15. With the same diameter, UHMWPE pipe can deliver more water than PCCP pipe and others. With the same flow rate, UHMWPE pipes can save 25% energy than other pipes.

        3. Maintenance Free

        With characteristics of corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, non-scaling, no leakage, etc, UHMWPE pipe can work without extra anticorrosive coating, cleaning and maintenance which save more than 95% energy.

        4. Corrosion Resistance

        With high chemical stability, UHMWPE can resist corrosion of corrosive media like acid,alkali and salt and organic solvent. It can be applied in water supply at seabed and transmission of salt water and acid or alkali fluid.

        5. Low Temperature Resistance

        At the temperature of -70 ℃,UHMWPE pipe can work with normal mechanical performance. It is suitable for water supply and drainage in cold area.

        6. Non-scaling

        With smooth inner wall and roughness of 0.00022, UHMWPE pipe can work for a long time without scaling and breeding bacteria , while roughness of PCCP and steel pipe is 0.01-0.09 which is easy scaling and growing moss therefore influencing the water quality and doing harm to human health.

        7. Environment Friendly

        UHMWPE is authorized by the nation as material being environment friendly, non-toxic, harmless to human health. UHMWPE pipe is the best alternative for water supply pipe.

        8. High Pressure Resistance

        The compressive strength of UHMWPE pipe is 2 times to that of PE100 pipe and 2.5 times to that of PE80. UHMWPE pipes can withstand wide fluctuate of water pressure in the pipeline. Its ring stiffness is more than 8 KN/㎡ which can withstand high load for the pipeline underground.

        9. High Flexibility

        With high toughness and elongation of no less than 350%, the UHMWPE pipe and the connection site will not crack when crust settling which maximally ensure to supply water normally.  .

        10.  Impact Resistance

        UHMWPE pipe has good impact resistance and can withstand impact of water hammer. There is no need to build anchor block at the turning site.

        UHMWPE floating dredging pipe

        More information on the UHMWPE large diameter floating pipe, please feel free to contact cocoyuan@buoyandpipe.com 

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